Production Floor
Our plants are equipped with adequate machinery to enable a smooth and rapid process required by industrial practices and these include automated filling machines, labeling as well as a host of other related fixtures 날씨의 아이 ost.
All manufacturing sections are also well segregated according to GMP and ISO requirements.
Our recent upgrade includes explosion-proofing our talcum powder facility 다운로드.

Eng Kah houses a well-equipped laboratory for raw materials and product analysis to ensure there is conformance to our customers’ specifications 다운로드.

Our plants have spacious storage areas with racking facilities for storage of raw materials, packaging materials and finished goods 던전공주 다운로드.
The Penang plant has a Cool Room to store raw materials and finished goods that requires storage in below room temperature conditions.


Strong Research & Development

1) Eng Kah has the ability to develop new formulations to suit customer’s targeted market demands and efficacy requirements

2) Our R&D team formulates approximately 95% of the products manufactured by Eng Kah

3) Ability to do color matching

Versatile and Experienced
With over 40 years of experiences, Eng Kah has the ability to manufacture a wide range of products from perfume, colour cosmetics, skin care, toiletries, household and auto-care products

Dedication to Quality
Quality assurance is the prime objective of Eng Kah 상실의 시대 영화 다운로드. Each phase of the production process, including qualifying incoming materials, undergoes stringent quality control to comply with GMP and ISO standards.


Our over 40 years of experience in contract manufacturing has enabled us to develop a customer-focused philosophy 다운로드.

Eng Kah offers One-stop Solution, to enable our customers to better focus on the marketing of their product, by providing value-added services to customers, these include:

1) Product Development

2) Sourcing of Vendor

3) Qualifying Raw and Packaging Materials

4) Manufacturing

5) Technical Support

6) Delivery

7) After sales service