Q: Who are your customers?

A: Eng Kah manufactures for more than 50 companies.

Our customers consist of Multi-National Companies (MNCs), Direct Selling Companies, Retailers, Trading Companies, and others.

Our products are exported to Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Australia, USA, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, and Middle East.


Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

A: It depends on the customized product size per item and the quantity of the exclusive components. Our Customer Service Representatives would be able to advise you based on your needs.


Q: How long is your lead time for delivery?

A: With existing products, delivery time is approximately 14 working days with all materials on floor. In the occasion that there is shortage of material, it will depend on the particular lead time of the material involved.

For a new product development, it may require grace time for the development of formulation and sourcing of packaging materials.


Q: Can your R&D formulate a product that I propose?

A: We have many existing base formulations which may meet your requirements. We will then customise the product according to your preference and specifications. However, the amount of research and development time required for each project is different. New concepts will take longer time.


Q: How much does it cost for your R&D lab to manufacture samples?

A: The samples are free of charge. However, if required in large volumes, a minimal fee may be imposed depending on the volume of samples. For samples to send out of Malaysia, courier cost is borne by customer.


Q: Can you help me export my product?

A: Yes we can. We also provide documentation services for export.


Q: Can I supply my own packaging?

A: Yes. However, we require samples to conduct test for compatibility with our bulk.


Q: Can I have the estimate product quote?

A: Can. We will discuss and understand your product requirements in order to generate a quote.