Many skin care, personal care, and household products are now sold in the market in aerosol packaging. Why use an aerosol format? When compared to a standard spray mist product, the spraying mechanism results are even and fine.

An aerosol can is a self-contained dispensing system that stores a substance inside a small metal canister and pushes it out as a fine mist, spray, or foam. This mini dispensing system is made up of five key components that work together to produce a consistent product. The five elements mentioned are:-

  • Active Ingredient. This is the substance the consumer wants to use.
  • The solvent regulates the consistency of the active ingredient — it controls the particle size and reduces the drying time.
  • The propellant is the substance that pushes the active ingredient out of the can
  • Aerosol cans are leakproof and made from aluminium or steel.
  • Most aerosol cans are activated by pushing a button on the top of the can which opens a valve.


Because aerosols are hazardous items, the filling, shipping, and storage processes must be handled professionally. If you are looking for an OEM to produce aerosol products, Eng Kah Enterprise could be one of the companies to assist you and provide the above solution.



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General understanding of Insect Repellent

Did you know that insect repellents are considered pesticides?

People frequently associate pesticides with products that kill insects, but “pesticide” is a broad term that also includes products that do not kill anything, such as insect repellents. Pest repellents are not intended to eliminate pests. For example, in the case of skin-applied repellents, the product makes people less appealing to the pest.

Mosquito repellent is a potentially profitable product all over the world. The global mosquito repellent market size was valued at $4.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $6.0 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 5.6% from 2020 to 2027,” according to the research study.


Based on Malaysia regulatory, if you would like to have an insect repellent product for your own brand, the brand owner must look for a manufacturer who has already registered with the Pesticide Board. Eng Kah Enterprise Sdn Bhd, is one of the approved factories.

Following that, the brand owner must proceed to the Pesticide Board, which is part of the Department of Agriculture.

Once the Pesticide Board has accepted the registered product (which normally takes 8 months to 1 year), the factory can begin production, and the brand owner can market it once the goods are ready.



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Scent Marketing: What Is It?

Scent marketing

What is it? Scent Marketing, which is more than simply an air freshener system, uses deliberately selected fragrance that is diffused to clients as part of Scent Branding and Ambient Scenting initiatives. It is about building a positive brand and consumer experience.

Scent Branding

The right fragrance will communicate a clear brand identity. While brand recognition by sight is effective, brand recognition by smell is even stronger since memories associated with aroma are far more deeply ingrained in our minds. Our sense of smell is the only scent that reaches us at a deep, instinct part of the brain that is also home to emotions, memories, and creativity.

In the end, branding is about providing value, meaning, and associations to products or services in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Customers will become familiar with your brand since they will immediately think of you when they smell your fragrance.

Ambient Scenting

Several studies have demonstrated the ability of fragrance to influence mood. Setting the tone for your company involves more than just branding; it also entails creating a welcoming environment that puts your clients in the appropriate frame of mind. You may improve client satisfaction and give them guidance in a tactful yet impactful manner.

Return On Investment

Numerous research have been done throughout the years to determine how fragrances affect businesses.

In Germany, a DIY store started filling their retail spaces with the scent of recently cut grass. They discovered that the number of satisfied customers increased by about 50%. The smell made clients think the personnel was more diligent and competent, according to their research.

Another instance of Scent Marketing in action is a kitchen appliance company that started employing the aroma of freshly baked apple pie, and as a result, their sales increased by an astounding 33 percent. [Lindström, M. (2010).]

Where can I get a Scent Marketing System?

Working with a trustworthy company like Eng Kah makes getting started with scent marketing straightforward. A member of our business development team will guide you through the procedure. This entails specifying your objectives in detail, creating a scent marketing strategy to achieve them, and picking the ideal fragrance to amplify your brand.



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