The 10 Best Local Skincare Brands in Malaysia

With the rise of the Malaysian skincare market, a wave of quality brands has emerged nationwide. From moisturisers to face oil, there is no shortage of uniquely formulated products.

While imported products are still wildly popular and dominate the market, there has been a rise in demand for local skincare lines which cater to Malaysian tastes and preferences.

You may have already noticed the influx of made-in-Malaysia skincare offerings both in-store and across social media, local favourites being Bougas Beauty and Kayman Beauty.

In light of this trend, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 skin care brands in Malaysia. Read on to discover great products crafted by our fellow Malaysians!


Malaysia’s Growing Skincare Industry 

In 2024, the Malaysian skincare industry is projected to achieve a revenue milestone of US$888.20 million, with an anticipated annual growth rate of 2.18% spanning from 2024 to 2028.

This growth trajectory is fueled by long-term consumer trends, including:

  • increased financial independence among working women
  • growing preference for natural and organic products among the youth
  • increased attention to grooming by men


These trends underscore a shift towards increased consumer spending power, a preference for organic formulations, and a rising demand for skincare solutions.

The market landscape is largely dominated by overseas brands such as L’Oréal Group, Estee Lauder Companies Inc., and Shiseido Company limited.

Nevertheless, local companies are finding success in the industry too, due to the increasing demand for halal-certified and naturally-derived products among Malaysian consumers.

This demand for natural and organic skincare among these 25 to 34 year old local consumers has been driven by global awareness spread via social media and positive online reviews.


1) Alluskin



Alluskin is undoubtedly a rising star in the Malaysian skincare scene, founded in 2019 by the passionate Dr. Nurul A’in Sa’ari.

What sets Alluskin apart is its commitment to cruelty-free testing, catering to those with sensitive skin and ensuring safe application. This ethical stance resonates strongly with conscious consumers seeking cruelty-free alternatives.

The brand’s savvy social media presence has garnered a devoted following, with fans enthusiastically praising the visible results and applauding Alluskin’s principled approach.

Alluskin’s blend of formulas, ethical practices, and modern brand image has put it among the top skin care brands in Malaysia.


2) Bougas Beauty

Bougas Beauty


Bougas Beauty is founded in 2017 by the dynamic duo Erni Amanina Amin and Muhammad Faisal Salehuddin.

What sets this brand apart is its adherence to Islamic principles, as evidenced by its certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

With a loyal customer base, Bougas Beauty has captured the trust of consumers nationwide with its bestseller Advanced Serum and Facial Cleanser.

Its popularity extends beyond regular consumers, with celebrities and industry experts mentioning the brands, further solidifying Bougas Beauty’s reputation in the local skincare industry.


3) Chuck’s



Chuck’s has successfully marketed itself by encouraging customers to “feel confident in their own skin”. Founded by Jane Chuck, a social media influencer and content creator, Chuck’s has swiftly risen to prominence in the Malaysian skincare arena.

With a high standard of quality, Chuck’s formulations draw upon Korea’s innovative skincare expertise, renowned for its trending beauty solutions.

Local favourite is Chuck’s Very Important Sunscreen, a lightweight sunscreen that provides UVA or UVB protection. Consumers have praised its fast-absorption, non-greasy, and mild fragrance qualities.

Chuck’s has successfully established itself as a quality local skincare brand with its signature minimalist packaging, high-quality ingredients, and effective products.


4) Daughters of Malaya


Born from the vision of husband-and-wife duo Dayana Zul and Rai Ahmad in 2018, Daughters of Malaya is a brand that embodies transparency, ethical practices, and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability.

From the outset, they have prioritised using only vegan, Halal-certified ingredients that adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, fostering trust among their customers.

Among their standout offerings is the bestselling Summertime Ceramide Liquid Moisturiser, a luxurious yet lightweight formula.

With its blend of ethical values and quality ingredients, Daughters of Malaya has solidified itself as a trendsetter in the Malaysian skincare landscape.


5) Kayman Beauty

Kayman Beauty

Established in 2017, Kayman Beauty is a brand that celebrates all skin types and tones.

Among their standout offerings is the bestselling Rosa Glow Treatment Essence, a product renowned for its brightening and skin-rejuvenating properties.

Their Skintella Moisturising Gel has been praised for its fragrance-free, fast-absorbing, and deeply hydrating qualities.

Through its great branding and consistent delivery of effective products, Kayman Beauty built a loyal customer base and earned a spot as one of the top local skincare brands in Malaysia.


6) LUMI Beauty

Lumi Beauty

Started by serial investor, entrepreneur and influencer Chryseis Tan, LUMI Beauty entered the skincare scene in 2020, offering a fresh and ethical approach to beauty.

LUMI Beauty’s product range adheres to cruelty-free principles, with each formulation crafted without the use of any animal-derived ingredients. This ethical stance has garnered the brand a loyal following among those seeking effective, animal-friendly, plant-based skincare solutions.

Bestsellers include the Vitamin Glow Super Serum which offers gentle hydration and a brighter gleam for skin. This product is loved by customers for its lightweight texture, fast-absorbing nature, and pleasant citrus scent.




SKINEATS is an innovative skincare line that sources cruelty-free ingredients and crafts them into exclusive formulations.

Among their standout offerings is the bestselling Tinted Lip Balm with SPF15.

SKINEATS’ commitment to organic and cruelty-free practices resonates deeply with conscious consumers seeking skincare solutions that align with their values.

With its gender-neutral positioning, SKINEATS has successfully tapped into a broader market, appealing to individuals of all genders who prioritise quality, luxury, and ethical practices in their skincare routines.


8) Clef Skincare

Clef Skincare

Clef skincare aims to optimise skin with clean and effective solutions.

This brand has created products with Malaysians in mind, where all their products accommodate high-humidity weather to ensure a comfortable and satisfactory experience.

Bestsellers include the Clef Radiant Gold Essence, which is an anti-aging serum.

Combining safe ingredients with innovative formulations, Clef has successfully provided skincare solutions for their customers and solidified themselves as one of the mainstream skincare brands in Malaysia.


9) Ruruberry


With the philosophy of “Made in Malaysia”, Ruruberry has created an effective and sustainable local beauty and skincare line.

Bestsellers include the Ruruberry 5% Niacinamide + Zinc Serum, tackling post-inflammatory uneven complexion, skin congestion, excess oil, and blemish-causing bacteria.

A notable addition to their collection is the Niacinamide Essence. This product has been praised for its fast absorption, light texture, and glowing skin results.

Ruruberry has successfully launched affordable, eco-friendly and suitable skin solutions to their consumers, encouraging Malaysians to “support local” and establishing itself as a thriving local skincare brand.


10) SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd


Introduced to the world in 2010 by the iconic Siti Nurhaliza, SimplySiti Sdn. Bhd has swiftly risen to prominence in the Malaysian beauty industry. This homegrown brand has captured the hearts of countless fans with its innovative and high-performing products.

Among their standout offerings is the bestselling SimplySiti Ultimate Sunscreen.

What sets SimplySiti apart is their commitment to crafting products which enhance the skin’s overall health and radiance. This approach has resonated deeply with consumers seeking makeup solutions that prioritise both coverage and care.

With Siti Nurhaliza’s personal touch and expertise guiding the brand, SimplySiti has established itself as a trusted name in the Malaysian beauty arena, offering quality products that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of modern women.


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