The Use of Aerosol


Many skin care, personal care, and household products are now sold in the market in aerosol packaging. Why use an aerosol format? When compared to a standard spray mist product, the spraying mechanism results are even and fine.


An aerosol can is a self-contained dispensing system that stores a substance inside a small metal canister and pushes it out as a fine mist, spray, or foam. This mini dispensing system is made up of five key components that work together to produce a consistent product. The five elements mentioned are:-


  • Active Ingredient. This is the substance the consumer wants to use.
  • The solvent regulates the consistency of the active ingredient — it controls the particle size and reduces the drying time.
  • The propellant is the substance that pushes the active ingredient out of the can
  • Aerosol cans are leakproof and made from aluminum or steel.
  • Most aerosol cans are activated by pushing a button on the top of the can which opens a valve.


Because aerosols are hazardous items, the filling, shipping, and storage processes must be handled professionally. If you are looking for an OEM to produce aerosol products, Eng Kah Enterprise could be one of the companies to assist you and provide the above solution.


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